Just in Thyme Food Service, LLC


Jay and I met in 2013 while working in the restaurant industry in Philadelphia, and have been together ever since! One of our greatest joys has been exploring the world of food with each other. From cooking at home to traveling for food trucks, finding new and inventive ways to enjoy meals together is what we love most. Our plant-based journey began three years ago as a result of health issues for me, and fitness goals for him. The results were life-changing… literally! Together with our diet’s success, we knew that we had to find a way to share this experience with others. When combining our 20+ years of front-to-back restaurant experience, we decided we could (and should) be feeding people ourselves. Our dream has been realized with Just in Thyme. By preparing healthy and delicious plant-based meals for you, we are able to share the healing power of plants with the convenience of modern-day food prep. Our hope is that our food service will help jumpstart any lifestyle changes you are hoping to make, bridging the gap and easing the transition to a healthier diet and happy YOU. You deserve wellness, and our meals are here to help you achieve it. We hope our message reaches you just in time and will encourage you to share your journey with others.

This isn’t just health food. This is real food. And we look so forward to serving it to you!
Peace, Love, and Veggies, Tiffany — Co-Founder, Just in Thyme Food Service, LLC

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